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Pelosi Calls for CDC to Mandate Masks - Do You Support Mandatory Masks for Americans?
by Causes
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  • Linda
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    At this time we need unity from the people of the United States as a whole country not as states. Common sense must prevail to overcome this enormous health threat. At this time we are living without the guidance of a federal government, there is no president, this will not change at a time when it is most needed. The people of the United States must come together with common sense and not political motivation. These are sad sad times that can not change without a common goal. The CDC guidelines are our only hope. NY overcame the harsh numbers of this virus with the admirable care of an intelligent no nonsense Governor, Governor Cuomo followed CDC guidance and refused to give up on the people of NY until the numbers changes. This was a grueling effort and he never gave up on the people. This is what should be coming from the federal government. Each state is alone. Governor Cuomo is too good a person to ever consider entering the presidential race at this time. People are dealing with a terrible loss during these times without a president. We are divided.

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