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Pelosi Calls for CDC to Mandate Masks - Do You Support Mandatory Masks for Americans?
by Causes
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  • Amaya
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    Skeptics, please, just hear me out right now. Not wearing a mask, ESPECIALLY when you know you’ve been around lots of people lately, makes you more likely to spread what you MIGHT NOT EVEN KNOW that you’ve caught because you don’t know when you’re an asymptomatic carrier unless you go and get tested! Even if you yourself may not die or get sick from carrying it, you have so much potential to spread it to others who could. Please, we are just asking you to be more a little more considerate. Even if you don’t think the outbreak is as bad as the media is making it out to be, why wouldn’t you just wanna play it safe anyway especially when it doesn’t hurt you at all to do so! Wearing a mask causes no physical pain, doesn’t hinder you from much at all. There’s ways that you can adjust your mask to help you breathe normally, and to avoid your glasses fogging up and other minor inconveniences like that! You’re going to be fine! And if you don’t care about anyone else, you could at least wear a mask for the safety of your OWN at risk family members and friends. Your loved ones with weaker bodies than yours because of their health conditions (and this DOES include very common things like asthma and diabetes) depend on you to keep them safe. Don’t let them down. You will regret it, knowing you could be the one responsible for their suffering through an awful sickness, and even death. Don’t take that chance because it truly is not worth it. Please, just think about it at least.

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