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What Can We Learn From Congo’s Experience Combatting and Defeating Ebola?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • jimK

    Yes, the lessons are obvious. Do not do the ‘bad’ things that slowed down their fight against this deadly disease. From the intro; Do not do any of these: -Despite the large scale international response, it was hindered by DRC’s weak healthcare system and violence from armed militias. [in our case, disinterested national leadership and divisiveness] -This goes to show (to the extreme) how underlying institutional issues can hinder emergency public health responses. [appoint leaders to critical agencies that know what their agencies actually do, instead of their lock-step loyalty to the trump] -Distrust of the government also hindered the medical response, brought on by everyday corruption and a lack of accountability. If a government cannot be upfront and transparent on all issues with its citizens, it will lose the public trust and be ineffective when it matters most. [exactly the problem here, our leadership is unconcerned with with building trust with the people and, in fact, actively promotes distrust and divineness] -The DRC’s fight against both Ebola advised for social distancing and used contact tracing, showing that these methods are effective in combating a highly transmittable pandemic disease. [leadership needs to be consistent and provide leadership for people to believe that social distancing is for the common good]

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