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Senate Debates $740B Defense Authorization, House Passes $1.5T Transportation & Infrastructure Package Plus an Obamacare Expansion
by Causes
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  • Hector
    Voted Angry

    I can only be infuriated By 75% of my politicians all Republican who work for the rich who drive them to make themselves richer even during this recession, toxic epidemic and Covid-19. It's total idiocy to keep spending on military. All we need to know is our government is now fascist. They need to be ousted. Now if we the people are equal in power to the government, isn't that why we the people can't step up and Oust them for extreme traitorous actions. I know there's plenty of misled who's rather hate than work in intelligence towards to far better good society that cares about it's people's future entirely. So the rich have this planned by owning the supreme Court who somehow are the Kings and Queens of America. Well I know we the people say muck that. Muck you Republicans who have one goal, to rewrite the Constitution of the rich for the rich and by the rich. They are rich who own all knowledge of how to rule over the people and make them unaware of their traitorous whites to turn America into a third world country. Trump's goal is to destroy all departments of government except the Pentagon. Now we lost 75% of our manufacturing in America since the rich decided they'll sell all of our jobs overseas to foreign countries to get richer, poison our food with highly toxic pesticides and they know toxic has side effects perfect for their goals because the side effects are stupidity, sickness, reversal of healing, 2 diseases just for kids, if it's meth add on another ten or more diseases, addiction and overall destruction of proper equality because it drives people to be improper even if they're not addicts but under a roof of an addict and up to 50% of Americans are addicted. You understand my point. Our enemies have done the worst to get where they're at. Murder, lies, threats, destruction of media, politicians, judges, Justices, Presidents, laws, and many innocent people have been poisoned to death. Our air quality, land quality, water quality and life quality mean absolutely nothing to these rich mucking maggots. They air deranged and have a new goal probably because the NSA this winter changed their mission statement from protecting Americans, America and the world to protecting the rich to get to outer space. I'm tired of this extremely wicked government. You have to be too! Call your senators like you should just might not be enough. When the rich stand on our necks like these muckers just did then we are now minutemen to deal these suckers gone! We cannot let these muckheads destroy us! We must unite!

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