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Senate Debates $740B Defense Authorization, House Passes $1.5T Transportation & Infrastructure Package Plus an Obamacare Expansion
by Causes
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  • Patriot1775
    Voted Excited

    Hey, this is great. We just gave away 3 trillion over the Chinese Flu, with more to come. The military budget is a pittance when compared to this. Or, we could just save the money, defund the military, like the police, and have anarchy. That way, everyone could murder rape, and steal and get murdered, raped, or stolen from, at will, without any repercussions. Now, wouldn't that be fun? Remember though, no one to turn your lights back on, get your well fixed, pave your roads, fix your car or take you to the hospital when you were beaten or raped because there would be no hospital. So yeah, kill the military budget and have fun boys and girls.

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