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The DC: Russia reportedly offered Taliban bounties to kill U.S. troops, and... Should masks be mandatory?
by Causes
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  • Rocco

    Trump continues to lie about anything that casts an unfavorable on his Presidency. He can deny and claim ignorance but I think we all know he is a liar. Whether he knew or not there is enough evidence gathered by reporters , whom by the way don’t have access to intelligence reports, to take action. So he either has incompetent people working for him or he is hiding the fact that he knew and did nothing with this information. When will this freak show end? How much longer can our country endure this reckless, racist, narcissistic, unqualified idiot in the presidency. While thousands of Americans are getting infected and dying of this virus he is off golfing and tweeting racist videos of idiots screaming “white power”. Stand up America and drown out this subset of morons that seem to exist in this country. The same morons who are screaming about their rights to not wear masks while out the same time shouting how the color of someone’s skin gives them more rights. Disgusting! Let’s keep each other safe - wear a mask. If you don’t want to wear a mask in public- stay home. That includes dopey Donald and his band of idiots. I hope for the day when instead of divisiveness we are having conversations about what we can do as Americans to move forward and reclaim our country. God bless America and hold us in your care when we need it most.

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