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Russia Reportedly Offered Taliban Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops – Do You Want a Hearing?
by Causes
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  • Robert

    Yes I want a full investigation of the bounties placed on American forces in Afghanistan. The first thing we need to know is since last year at this time has there been a significant number of deaths of Americans in Afghanistan. If this Russian bounty is true we should see this massive increase or the Afghanistan militants attacking American troops and killing them and it should collocate with the date the bounty was issued. Otherwise the militants have become so rich they don’t need the money allegedly offered by the Russians. Can you imagine in the United States because of a deer virus caused by deer ticks that the federal government here in the USA offered a bounty on deers that have been killed and opened up deer season year around for say 3 years. AR15’s and AK47 will be authorized to kill these killer deer. I can imagine that almost every car and truck would have a dead deer across the hood. Secondly open up the books of the intelligent agencies and show proof of where in any meeting or daily briefing that the President was present this information was given and what was his comments. Bring that proof today and tell us specifically when where and how and who delivered the information and how many times since they mentioned it once did they repeat it and what did the President say when he heard it each time. Give us dates and time plus who was telling the President each time and show us through briefing materials in writing that this occurred. I would think this information with the bounty on American troops by the Russians in Afghanistan would be the number one topic in every morning Briefing to the President in Capital letter and maybe even in Red ink. Show us that proof. Next in the full investigation show us who got the information first like a reporter or agent and how they got the information to our federal government and what was their sources. Is this a misinformation campaign to discredit the President by any foreign government during an election year to effect our election? I call for the immediate investigation of the entire story and the above information to be produced in the next two weeks and the results to be produced and announced by every newspaper and TV station in America. They sure put this out that way. The story in the media should run 24 hours per day until the federal government puts the answers above out to us the American public. Lastly if this is true like when Iran was doing this to our troops in Iraq it would be an act of war. Of course not too many months ago we attacked and killed an Iranian General in Baghdad who was directly responsible for killing hundreds of American troops with bounties and setting up ambushes. The media and the Dems had a conniption fit. Now if the President knew the information alleged and he acknowledged it this would be a state of war. Are the media and the Dems ready for a full fledged attack on Russia with ground troops for this aggressive behavior and killing our troops through bounties? Writing a letter of discuss isn’t the appropriate response and they are under so many punishments now that one more will not get them to stop. Of course we will need to move hundreds of thousands of troops maybe a million to the regional theater ready for the Congress to declare war on Russia and her allies so the President can start the attack. Congress will need to be all in on this and the results of when the mission is done is when they surrender and can no longer have enough money to pay the bounties. The person in the intelligence community will have the knowledge that with his one leak to the press he personally is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands troops. The final answers will end the story.

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