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Daily Coronavirus Cases Hit New High - Should Masks be Mandatory?
by Causes
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  • Sue
    Voted Yes

    Mask usage in pandemics is like anything else that is aimed at protecting the majority of people. Like not smoking in public, like wearing a seat belt, like stopping at stop signs and red lights. It is not something to divide us, but to unite us; something that WE ALL can participate in, like social distancing and hand washing, in an effort to slow the spread of this disease that otherwise has no boundaries and nothing to stop it. The rest of the world is wearing them. We need to come down off our high horses about a face covering and do what we can for the preservation of mankind. Our youth and young adults need to be taught the importance of them. There are very few youth in my area of the state that are wearing them. And they seem to be the asymptomatic spreaders. They don't understand, but need to be taught the value of other people's lives, even if they don't care about their own. This must become a priority right now.

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