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The DC: Russia reportedly offered Taliban bounties to kill U.S. troops, and... Should masks be mandatory?
by Causes
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  • Dicr

    Trump, “I wasn’t briefed on Russia putting a bounty on American soldiers”. He knows now, will he retaliate? No because he’s still compromised. Trump, “I didn’t know the video contained a racist yelling white power”. Will he apologize? No, because he’s a racist. Even if you believe he didn’t know about the bounty why doesn’t it bother you he still is doing nothing about it? For the same reason you don’t care about Russia tampering in our elections, you sold out your country for a con man. And you could care less about him posting the racist video, because you’re racist and you want to spread your hatred. Donnie knew in both cases exactly what is going on, but he could care less. And he knows his degenerate base could care less either. That is why this November we will crush him and rid our country of the cancer he has brought to America.

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