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Russia Reportedly Offered Taliban Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops – Do You Want a Hearing?
by Causes
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  • jimK
    Voted Yes

    There is always the chance that the news reports are mistaken or flawed. Even so, it is all the more reason for hearings. I suspect that the reports are accurate and do not believe that this necessarily reflects badly on military leadership. The allegation of Russian bounties is so sensitive that it would have been highly compartmentalized. I would suspect that only a few of the most senior military would know of this and that their concerns about no action taken by the trump to protect their troops since March contributed indirectly to the leak to news outlets. The trump has not denied that these intelligence reports exist nor that they were presented in March. I find it inconceivable that such intel would be withheld from the trump which, according to the reports, included proof that bounties were offered and paid by the Russians; although they were not able to identify which American service people’s executions aligned with specific bounty payments. Certainly the Taliban and the various extremist groups do not need incentives to kill American troops, but a bounty sure would help in a targeted attack against service people specifically since they are better prepared for a terrorist attack designed for mass destruction than an anti-personnel action. By any measure, if these reports are true, this is a huge failure of the trump and his administration - and should be of great concern to all of us.

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