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Russia Reportedly Offered Taliban Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops – Do You Want a Hearing?
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  • jimK
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    Yes these are very significant concerns. There has to be answers if our government expects any support from the people or even any people who may choose to enlist. If the government will not protect our service people from another country’s paying bounties to thugs to execute them- why would anyone trust our government with anything at all? … … …The trump was informed in March that our intelligence people had solid evidence to prove that Putin has been offering and paying bounties to have American service people killed in Afghanistan. He was given a list of possible responses from a stern public admonishment to overt military actions. They are still waiting for any response from the trump. After he was told about this, he once again petitioned the G7 to re-admit the Russians to the G8- despite the fact that Russia was voted out of the G8 due to it’s aggression in simply taking over and annexing Crimean territory. Before all of this the trump, without consultation with any government official or allies, ordered a sudden and hasty retreat of US troops from Syria, allowing our long time allied Kurdish people open to slaughter by Turkish mercenaries made up, in part, by former Al Quda and ISIS terrorists. The same day Russian troops were called in by Turkey to force the Kurds off their ancestral homelands so Turkey could annex that border region as their own. The Russians were given a base of operations deep inside NATO territory, NATO being the alliance formed for the sole purpose of stopping the advance of Russian expansionism into NATO territories. Days ago, the trump, again without consultation of our military leaders, our government officials or our allies announced that he will withdraw American troops based in Germany - yet another victory for Putin’s expansionist goals and a severe weakening of our NATO alliance. The trump has been busy trying to tear up our health coverage and protect statues commemorating those who championed enslaving others. But for Russia offering and paying bounties to have American service people killed in Afghanistan - No response yet from the trump despite knowing about this since March. No response, none, not a nasty tweet, nothing at all. And yet, there are some supposed Americans that still support this evil assh$$le. I am beyond disgusted by anyone who can support or even just tolerate this evil man having anything to do with our government- or anyone just accepting that Russia can offer and pay to have our service people executed by bounty hunting thugs. YES TO HEARINGS! Maybe the trump will now see that the end is near; like Hitler did as the allies closed in and he visited his bunker one last time.

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