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The DC: 📲 TikTokers take credit for tanking Trump’s Tulsa rally, and... How should Congress compromise on its two police reform bills?
by Causes
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  • JunnaLayn

    Hi Jill! You inspired me to watch Bill Maher - I've always hated loving to hear Carville talk. I learned stuff about the political environment going on in the the editorial sections some of news organizations. Thank you! I record it, Last Week Tonight, and TRMS; I delete them w/out watching. It's been several months. I was not able to handle my rage, keeping me awake, not eating, being short with my granddaughters, etc. I hear enough here to do research without having to hear the swamp creature ass clown blab. I've crawled back into political late night comedy. A few weeks ago I put in 20 minutes of Rachel and had to stop. Either I'm handling it better or the drugs my Dr prescribed are finally kicking in!

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