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Should the U.S. Declare the KKK a Terrorist Group?
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted Yes

    It is difficult to imagine that the KKK and other White Nationalist, "Q" people, etc., are not on that list. Why? Why is this so? Even President Reagan made an anti-KKK movie, so everyone (Republican lemmings), get with it! From driving over the George Washington Bridge overlooking the East Pittsburgh PA factories and woods, my father saw crosses burning in the woods on a regular basis - as a CHILD!!! My Grandfather saw KKK marching against Catholics in Turtle Creek, PA, AS A CHILD!!! (It is not just black and brown people that are targeted by groups and individuals aligning with the KKK, if that will help you see the problem!) Finally, it is so disgusting to see elected public officials continue to not represent the freedoms of all people and to stop the terrorist actions of groups and individuals such as the KKK. DO SOMETHING!!! THESE ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE!!! THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY DEPLORABLE!!! THESE ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!!! Get off the Muslim-only focus and start looking in my (our) back yard for a change!!! Fine them. Jail them. Expose them. DO SOMETHING TO STOP THIS NOW!!!! Why wouldn't you unless you support these groups, because in this case, if you are not against these terrorist groups, you are FOR them!!!

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