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What's the Status of Police Reform in Congress? Scott & Bass Continue Talks, But No Sign of Breakthrough
by Causes
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  • James
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    I support reform but absolutely not abolishing or disbanding police. The insanity perpetrated by by the ridiculous anti police rhetoric. What’s happening in Minneapolis is horrible and inexcusable, the city council and the statements by Ms. Omar has made this city a very dangerous and deadly place. Well over 100 people have been shot by criminals emboldened by the rhetoric. The violence is real the deaths are real the consequences are real. Leadership is supposed to ensure public safety. The real truth about systemic racism in law enforcement is not being properly investigated.The facts about the risk to life in the black community comes from within the community not from police. There’s a epidemic of violence perpetrated by their own which has nothing to do with law enforcement. The truth is that a properly funded police department is far more beneficial than what’s happening now.


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