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Should the U.S. Declare the KKK a Terrorist Group?
by Causes
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  • J.Maurice
    Voted Yes

    As long as Legislators truly follow through on the following the president has gone too far on statues and statues and making them more valuable than the country we the people are we not to very valuable, the poorest of the poor are they not valuable than statues or statuettes. ‪Instead of doing such of this making status more values do as of gods !!! why isn’t there a law and bilaws in concurrent against racism and hate organizations to the fullest to enforce ? As everyone around this nation should ask that legislative do this it’s more important then statue’s 2020 u decide an bring truth !! !!‬ The strength in numbers is we the people an those whom seek facts as well truth we the people has this justly by the power of voting at all levels Securty Mail n votes ballots as our Military most Trusted !!!!

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