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Obamacare Must ‘Fall,’ Trump Administration Tells Supreme Court - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Phillip
    Voted Oppose

    The last vestige of healthcare for many who are “uninsurable “ in the eyes of the for profit “healthcare “ industry. It’s another ploy to scrape up those who still believe “Obamacare “ bad, ACA good!?! Sadly this ire is being directed mainly at drumpf and it’s the Republicans who are ultimately going to be responsible for the hurt of this dream comes true. Where are the dems screaming from every media outlet some truths to the lies. The truth should be getting mailed to every household. Where are those that would want our vote in November sending the information out? Sadly they are the people who might just vote for the tyrant. when these people go to open enroll in their healthcare after the election,if he gets his way,and are met with being uninsurable or hefty premium rises they may finally get the message. Portman and balderson are taking the money form big pharma and the “healthcare” industry to keep this appeal alive while it affects most of their constituents. Where are those who would contest portmans seat in November while this happens?!

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