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Supreme Court Sides With Trump Admin on Asylum-Seeker Deportation
by Causes
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  • Dominic
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    With all the shit that is going on in our country because of our once fairly decent democrats now defunct brained DEMOCRATS, the rest of us have to do their jobs for them. I want LAW AND ORDER. All these entitlements to please our unreasoned youth. The democrats have sold us out. No more joy in living life. My country is being old for the greed and hunger of power and control of our once fairly normal country. And what a horrible way but to sell our country out to the unseasoned marxist trained youth of today. All due to our so-called university intelligentsia who hate our country the way it is...Have these American Marxists lived in Marxist countries?? Do they have something to actually compare to, other than books and mental knowledge? Thank you Mz. Warren and Mr. Markey and all your comrades of the democrats for ruining it all for those of us who have served our country well, care for it, in spite its flaws. Our youth are so spoiled and have so very much to choose from. Teach them to choose with WE THE PEOPLE in mind. Not for me, me, me!!!! And you all know damn well what i'm talking about!! So cut the bull! You're all caught up in the symbol of social justice. Believing, belief the booby trap of the religious and the politicians! What a powerful way to cover truth and control the youth.


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