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Federal Support for 13 COVID-19 Testing Sites Set to End Next Week - Should States Take Over?
by Causes
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  • Jean
    Voted Maybe

    COUNTABLE ASKS: "Should states take over operations at these 13 COVID-19 testing sites?" ME: Maybe. YES if there is no diminution in access by those who need it the most, or in the number of tests performed, AND the states can afford it. NO because I've read and heard that all three of these things would not be true. Having watched/listened to the entire House covid hearing with the three experts (Fauci, etc.), we need MORE TESTING, not less, GREATER ACCESS for the most vulnerable populations, and substantially STEPPED-UP CONTRACT TRACING. Frankly, given the hurry-up-and-open response of some (primarily Republican) states that has substantially contributed to the current situation of new covid cases far exceeding anything in the past, and hospitals once again overwhelmed or on the verge of it, I don't see these same-some states as being particularly responsible enough to properly administer testing.


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