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What's the Status of Police Reform in Congress? Scott & Bass Continue Talks, But No Sign of Breakthrough
by Causes
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  • Livia
    Voted Maybe

    Yes I support what Congress did reform of the police. The Democratic Party is not going to vote anything it is good for our country. They want to get rid of the police department and defunded. I say absolutely not. These politicians don’t need the police department the American people do. We need our police department and no one is going to take it away from us. One bad cop does it make them all bad. And where I live we have a great Police Department. And the Democratic Party will not touch them. We have no more laws in our country we let people break all the laws they want and we do nothing about it and it’s happening in democratic states that are run by democrats what is it about that that you cannot see. They will not take our flag or National anthem away from us this is America and it will stay America. No matter how bad the Democratic Party wants to destroy our country and go along with the rest of the world in other countries we will not do it we will fight you.


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