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Appeals Court Panel Upholds Justice Dept. Request for Dismissal of Michael Flynn Case
by Causes
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  • Livia
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    Why do people oppose what a court has decided is the right thing to do? This man was railroaded. He committed no crime. What would you do if your family was threatened? Because that’s what happened to him. What amazes me the most is how many people only listen to one or two new stations. Who do not report the truth there’s so much lying from the Democratic Party because of their hatred for a duly elected president. I voted for Barack Obama twice. He disappointed me in every way he put more people on welfare than he did anything else, and lied about a healthcare system. I don’t wanna go backwards in time to those years. Joe Biden made an awful lot of money during those years for his family,Eight years of it why do you want to sent our country backwards?


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