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Federal Support for 13 COVID-19 Testing Sites Set to End Next Week - Should States Take Over?
by Causes
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  • Marylynn

    This is a national crisis, yet the f#$king moron in the White House is too stupid to realize it. He's too busy planning his next rally... I say we the people tell him he can't hold any more rallies in any of our states... He's a useless POS who is getting more Americans killed because he refuses to follow the CDC guidelines and all his followers are playing along with him. Case in point, watch the video of the West Palm Beach residents having a fit about wearing face masks. All of Comrade Bone Spurs followers must be short a few brain cells, because they're all spouting the same bullshit he does about masks. IT'S A PROVEN FACT THAT MASKS PREVENT THE SPREAD OF THE VIRUS... It's appalling that the moron in the White House wants to stop testing, he doesn't like the fact that he's a failure and he's getting more people killed every day by spreading disinformation/lies about the virus. WE NEED MORE TESTING AND CONTRACT TRACING, NOT LESS AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO BE INVOLVED 100%, ONCE AGAIN THIS IS A NATIONAL CRISIS, HELL IT'S A WORLDWIDE CRISIS... YET THE STUPID MORON IN THE WHITE HOUSE CONTINUES TO DOWNPLAY THE SITUATION. VOTE HIS FAT ASS OUT OF OFFICE......

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