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Wisconsin Governor Activates National Guard After Protesters Attack State Senator & Tear Down Statues
by Causes
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  • Mary
    Voted Yes

    A Democrat senator was attacked and again it’s all Trump’s fault? A Democrat governor finally has some sense to call in the national guard so they don’t tear down a city and somehow it still all goes back to Trump? They don’t care if your democrat or republican you idiot. So just let our country burn down to the ground to prove what? That it’s ok to take away everyone else’s rights to safety and to live peacefully? All so they can get the thrill of tearing down cities and statues? That’s your idea of someone’s rights. There is nothing in most of what these protests are saying that’s honestly where it started that is about police brutality and George Floyd. That’s what people like me were behind in the beginning. That went away the minute they broke windows stole everything they could get there hands on and then torched it. Black AND White. This IS about Anarchy and for a lot, the thrill of it all!!!


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