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Trump Freezes Visas for Foreign Workers Until End of Year – Do You Support the Order?
by Causes
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  • Kathleen
    Voted Oppose

    First off American people don't want to do the jobs that these folks do. Why? Well because they're not capable of doing so and God forbid they get their hands dirty. Visas are extremely necessary for these folks to earn a living. To put clothes on their family's backs. To put food on the table and a roof over their heads. They work very hard and no American wants to do that. Unless you work a physical labor job you have no clue. You have no idea what it takes to actually work hard to survive. So long story short...we as a country need these folks to do what needs to be done. So trump can keep the visas and shove them so far up his ass he can taste them. Who's going to clean his hotels? Who's going to keep the grounds looking beautiful? Who's going to work in the fields on farms? Who's going to keep animal stalls clean? These folks keep things running so smoothly that you don't even think about it! But if these folks are not here what do you think will happen besides ruining their lives?

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