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Trump Threatens 10-Years Prison for 'Vandals' Targeting Monuments - Do You Support Arrests or Prison?
by Causes
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  • Carmen
    Voted Yes

    Yes. Something that has enough weight for those making so much destruction must be done. Now I totally understand why after 244 of history and by being the first world power for long time USA, for example, on California is not much monuments, statutes and must more beautiful buildings around. Compare it with Spain, France and another nations in Europe, their architecture are magnificent — but they were until end 1939 or 1945 with full wars in their countries and these nations rehabilitated their cities, towns in a short period, why? they were more on the nationalist side and preserved buildings, status and monuments. Now on those countries and here in USA (mainly those states to a leftist orientation) destroying those buildings, statues, monuments, etc. If you are not preserving your history you will not know who you are and learned from your on history! You can see it from those counties that were under the USSR reign no must development until they left from that leftist state. You can demonstrate and have your right of freedom of speech, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government in a rational way, that is the constitution! Expect for those carrying evil and get paid off to do those evil revolts.

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