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Trump Threatens 10-Years Prison for 'Vandals' Targeting Monuments - Do You Support Arrests or Prison?
by Causes
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  • scot
    Voted No

    Ignore him. Ignore his tweets and blustering. Do not respond to tRump’s ignorant, base-baiting blather. That’s all merely intended to distract, so you end up paying attention to the wrong things. Focus on what he just did to the Voice of America and ask your reps what they are doing about it. Ask why Kentucky cut its polling places by 95% (why do you suppose the city of Louisville has one, that’s right, a single polling place). How many people of color would you guess live there? Ask Mitch? Ask what your reps are doing about the executive order shutting down visas. Ask what they’re doing about Bill Barr and the SDNY.

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