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Trump Threatens 10-Years Prison for 'Vandals' Targeting Monuments - Do You Support Arrests or Prison?
by Causes
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  • Leslie

    Misplaced outrage, solutions & priorities! More concerned about property than loss of life from Covid-19 or people shot by police! We already have laws for vandalism, and a court system for sentencing which has been interfered with by Barr & Trump in sentencing & release of those performing traitorous acts like Flynn. Is a statute more important than rising COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations & deaths? As governors in hard hit states like Texas & Arizona struggle for control in their states of the situation, and mayors take action in lieu of effective state & federal action? Instead of galavanting around the countryside campaigning, or listening to Fox News, try performing the job of President by listening to daily briefing and take meaningful action on the highest priority problems of which a single statute is not!

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