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TikTokers Say They Tanked Trump’s Tulsa Rally – Was It a Prank or Protest?
by Causes
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  • Pat
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    Childish and plain out wrong. Despite that, COVID, and the so called "peaceful" protestors President Trump still drew a large crowd. It is a shame to see our leaders especially democrat politicians supporting this behavior which displays hatred. Interference with free speech, hatred, destruction of property, violence... should not be encouraged. What a bad example for our youth. Wake up America! Look at what is happening to our country. We are so divided and not because of our current President. There is something more going on. When a person has so much hatred within him/herself that person cannot see straight. Why are some leaders encouraging this inappropriate behavior in our country as long as it does not affect them and their properties? Why do they support you as long as you keep it in the streets among you, your family, friends and neighbors? Why did they stop the police as they watched you injure and kill one another? They watch as you destroy innocent lives around you, the properties of your neighbors. They encourage you to erase history so the past stays hidden and a different story can be told in the years to come. They want you to hate those who say what they mean and mean what they say; those who follow through with what they promise. They deceive you with their empty promises. If you hate this country find another that is better and move there. Quit trying to destroy this country. If you want to make this county great again use your voice and your God-given talents. Show respect for one another. EVERY LIFE Matters! When we focus on criticizing those we do not agree with, it blinds us to our own faults. Examine your hearts, your attitudes and your relationships. Reflect on what is truly happening. I pray for our country and the example we set for future generations. God help America.


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