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Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. — 57.6K Cases & 897 Deaths Reported Thursday
by Causes
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  • JunnaLayn

    I've been listening to the testimony along with Sandra. It seems folks are turning into pretzels defending the ass clown, saying he's done a terrific job, and all the lives he's saved. BULLSHIT! The CDC offers 'strong recommendation' to wear a mask and social distance - what a crock of shit! and someone said it was not politically motivated. REALLY - do republicans think the public is too stupid to see and listen to EVERYTHING that has been done in an underhanded, politically motivated fashion. Do they think we do not believe that EVERY MOVE the ass clown take is for re-election - not for us! It should be MANDATED that no enclosed areas should be used. PERIOD. That in some areas of the country masks and social distancing should be a MANDATED not a suggestion. For example, my back yard, the valley of the sun, the metro Phoenix area - to the north of me - the Navajo Nation, Prescott, Sedona, and Flagstaff. And to the south of me, Casa Grande and Tuscon. These decisions should be up to the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS and delivered as a must to the public by governing bodies.

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