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TikTokers Say They Tanked Trump’s Tulsa Rally – Was It a Prank or Protest?
by Causes
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  • Nick
    Voted No

    It’s not that I am not appreciative of what the Tic-Tockers say they did by snatching up the tickets and not planning on going. In my opinion Trump is a horrible person and this Rally was to fill Trumps narcissistic ego, while giving Trump another way of spreading mostly lies and misinformation. Having people whom requested tickets signing releases of liability if catching COVID 19 while claiming it all under control, Really. But my reason for not agreeing with this behavior is their are people that would have gone and wanted tickets. It wasn’t the safest thing to be going to, but they were deprived fo that opportunity. If this becomes some type of norm once we have a vaccine, and things are back to a “New Normal” and what ever that looks like. I just don’t think we should do this as a society. It could, NO IT WILL, crossover into all kinds of areas, not just the political arenas. You could disagree with Performers, Lecture, Environmentalist, Civil Rights leaders, anyone who has a voice and the funds to put on an free or payed event an stoop people from attending. Not something I think is beneficial to our society even though I disagree with the message and the person delivering it.


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