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The DC: 📲 TikTokers take credit for tanking Trump’s Tulsa rally, and... How should Congress compromise on its two police reform bills?
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  • KansasTamale

    A thought about slavery & the fathers of the country & why the South thinks slavery wasn't as bad as it actually was. This was a lightbulb moment today. When I heard about the attempted toppling of the statue of Andrew Jackson, for some reason I remembered an article that I read in the world book encyclopedia about 55 years ago. When he was dying, his slaves were by his bedside crying. The encyclopedia gave the impression that they were sad at his death, but I think in retrospect they were terrified at the prospect of their families being torn apart by auction once his will was read and his “possessions“ “distributed” among the other slaveholders in his area. What, according to the article, he did say to them for some reason stuck with me. “Be good children, and we shall all meet in heaven.” Good Grief. Did he actually think they loved him that much?? He was a horrible President - of course his horridness has been BIGLY eclipsed by Trump, but how could he be that blind. Same as Yrump I assume. If “heaven” is where one goes when one has spent one’s life killing off native populations with smallpox and enslaving Africans and splitting up families, I don’t know that “heaven” is where I want to spend eternity.

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