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TikTokers Say They Tanked Trump’s Tulsa Rally – Was It a Prank or Protest?
by Causes
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  • larubia
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    Our president lies about crowd size and voter fraud, his party gerrymandered districts, has limited polling places, and is forcing even the most feeble among us to vote in person during a pandemic. tRump has asked help from foreign adversaries to help him win, so no I’m not sorry that TikTokers actually had a plan that deterred a crowd from gathering indoors during a pandemic. I’m not sorry the man & his followers didn’t get to “celebrate” at the city & the date of the Tulsa massacre. Can you imagine the utter humiliation of announcing to the world that he would fill up that 19000 seat auditorium (& they even had plans for the “crowd outside!”) and only 6200 showed up? Can you imagine how bent he is being outplayed by a bunch of teenagers? Can you imagine the tromping he & his party are going to get in November? I can.

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