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TikTokers Say They Tanked Trump’s Tulsa Rally – Was It a Prank or Protest?
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  • Marilyn
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    The numbers of the campaign and this administration are always incorrect and have been from the beginning. An unusual fixation with the size or lack thereof. They use the media and platforms to adjust for this lack. I think most understand their use of this manipulation of numbers, he even stated one example by admitting the obvious regarding covid testing. The tick took kids did not reverse the crowd size, the crowd size is what it was in reality. There was plenty of room for seating inside and out beyond their movement. What these kids proved was how much they are on to their dirty tricks and beat them at their own propaganda game while also stunting their data collection gathering. I am most proud that they will be future voters or possibly even run for office or president themselves. Their not buying it and neither is the majority of America. They certainly proved that size does in actuality matter, it just matters what kind of size you are.

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