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The DC: 📲 TikTokers take credit for tanking Trump’s Tulsa rally, and... How should Congress compromise on its two police reform bills?
by Causes
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  • Dicr

    Individual #1 doesn’t get the credit he deserves. The unindicted co-conspirator has broken more laws than any president in my lifetime, and I lived through Nixon. Even a hate consumed racist must get tired of the continuous lying and incompetence of the charity cheat. He’s a failure, and only the most deplorable losers would risk their lives to go see such a pathetic con man. 120,000 Americans have already died from his lack of leadership, you’d have to be a complete moron to pack yourself into a confined space during a pandemic to listen to a 74 year old out of shape narcissist brag about his abilities to navigate a small ramp and drink water. You can’t fix stupid though.

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