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Trump Administration Sues to Block Publication of John Bolton’s Book – Do You Support the Lawsuit?
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  • Ed
    Voted Oppose

    Of course Trump does not want John Boltons book to be published. Trump hates freedom of the press. The press always checks his lies. If Bolton is lying they will check him too. If Republicans continue to let him LIE then they are Trump's enablers. Freedom of the press is America's only hope for our democracy. I am sure Fox news AND Msnbc want their TRUTH to come out. Fox will try to destroy Bolton and Msnbc will praise Bolton. Yea Bolton is making a lot of money and I wish Bolton had testified at the impeachment trial BUT since the Senate Republicans would not let anyone testify they deserve to be voted out of office. Republicans prove that Bolton is lying and not Trump. Unfortunately Trump has been caught lying so much that I tend to believe Bolton but it is up to the Senate Republicans to prove he is lying. Perhaps the Senate can call VP Pence. Subpoena VP Pence and get to the truth. But of course the truth is not important, freedom of press not important, only reelection. When will Trump try to destroy freedom of religion and free to bear arms, Andrew our democracy, when Trump is named our dictator. ALL HELL DICTATOR TRUMP.


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