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Trump Threatens ‘Protesters, Anarchists, Agitators, Looters or Lowlifes’ Ahead of Tulsa Rally
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  • John
    Voted Sad

    The sad reality here is the Trump and all of his followers including Lindsey Graham Devon Nunez Mitch McCall David Predue, and others are nothing but fascists. Trump today’s incompetence has already Led to the death of over 120,000 Americans, we had the worst economy since the great depression, consistently 20% unemployment, every year he has been in office he has run a $1 trillion dollar deficit, he has played golf even with the Covid virus was going on and Americans were dying to the tune of the taxpayer bill of $1 billion; that money has gone to trump properties. If your Democrat or Republican who no matter what you are you are being screwed by this man. He’s a sham he’s a flimflam Man he’s a carnival barker and he’s taking your money and he’s taking your lives your friends lives or your grandparents lives. All for the sake of your mighty dollar which he will not be able to bring with him when his make your calls him home. When all this is done Donald Trump and all the above should be tried for treason against the United States.

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