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What's the Status of Police Reform in Congress? Scott & Bass Continue Talks, But No Sign of Breakthrough
by Causes
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  • Merle
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    While I understand it takes two to tango, I’ve seen too many times through the years when the Republicans (& especially now President Trump!) would rather walk off the dance floor than agree to anything more than a box step! Ok, sorry for the metaphors, but the Senate, esp, hasn’t put forth any solid reform that I have seen. They prefer words like suggest, recommend, should, etc. For what it’s worth, I would rather see fewer - but unquestionably & immediately enforceable - reforms made immediately than twice as many “suggestions” with vows to form commissions to “study” the issues. If Republicans would be agreeable to an out-right ban on chokeholds (subject to waving the ban with explicit substantiation in emergency situations); to discipline officers who witness but do not report colleagues engaging in behaviors and actions causing any physical harm to I WAS CUT OFF HERE BY A SHAKY TRIGGER FINGER. COMMENTS ARE COMPLETED IN A SUBSEQUENT POST!

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