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The End of Slavery: Should the U.S. Formally Celebrate Juneteenth?
by Causes
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  • Fiatagata
    Voted Yes

    Does 86% in favor of remembering this part of our history, even if it hurts, answer your question? Perhaps the question should be, how can another human do these heinous crimes against another group of people? Taking a life is never a solution. But we have learned that that is the way it was from the beginning of time, until now. If we are consumed with enough hatred for another person, nothing else matters. But we are never born with so much hatred, unfortunately it is a learned trait from either a parent, peers or another adult. Misinformation could be the problem. Because the National Guards were dispatched, but they were told that the "negroes" were killing white people and Wilson's rhetoric didn't help at the time. It is very important for our Democracy to survive any issues, when the leaders we have entrusted with the care and support of our citizens, lead with the mindset of great leadership at all times, whether it be war or peace time. I think that the requirements for the presidency are set too low. Requiring their financial information, a lie detector test, family history, work ethics, and education should be mandatory before they can announce their candidacy for the President of the United States.


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