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Trump Threatens ‘Protesters, Anarchists, Agitators, Looters or Lowlifes’ Ahead of Tulsa Rally
by Causes
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  • Robert
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    I don’t consider it hateful rhetoric with his comments about violent protesters rioters or people committing vandalism or looting. When you are rushing a venue or place that the President is you have to do some real thinking. You can push the subject with the secret service but they have to protect them with yours or their life. Given a choice you will loose. This even went for Obama and his family. They are deadly serious about this protection business. The other day at the White House across the street in Lafayette Park, the protesters which of course were supposed to be peaceful the protest became violent with agitators throwing pre-positioned bricks at the police officers and the secret service persons. Now one could say that wasn’t violent or deadly but what if the police had picked up only the bricks thrown at them and threw them back at the crowd. I hope it is peaceful tonight in Tulsa.


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