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COVID-19 is Claiming the Lives of Blacks & Hispanics at Higher Rates Than Asians & Whites
by Causes
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  • Sandra
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    I'm sure there are several factors as to why this is happening.....socio-economically it makes sense....where you live (the more populated an area is, the more exposure you have) and how you earn a living/the type of job you have (again, more exposure in factory jobs or healthcare.....those that are NOT well off CANNOT distance themselves at their job, in their homes (apartments have more exposure than single family homes)....they can't afford to have their groceries delivered like the more affluent can.....many have NO health care so they are afraid to seek treatment until too late. Is there a concern that perhaps certain peoples are more susceptible to corona on top of these other factors? has happened with other diseases i.e. sickle cell anemia.....We should learn all we can about this horrific disease.

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