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The End of Slavery: Should the U.S. Formally Celebrate Juneteenth?
by Causes
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  • Ralph
    Voted Yes

    Yes we should formally celebrate Juneteenth. And it should be taught in schools. My family and I learned about Juneteenth from the show Blackish. Thankful for that show but it’s sad that we had to learn about it from a TV show! Ironic that we will wave confederate flags and protect statues in the name of “history” but willingly ignore and suppress actual history. Tillis and Burr you continue to disappoint with your silence and complicity with the trump crime ring. Berman is on to something big and Barr’s Friday night firing attempt stinks to high heaven. This entire administration has been a pathetic and FUTILE attempt to cover trumps tracks...trump is trashing America and you’re letting him. DO SOMETHING!!!!

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