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Speaker Pelosi Calls for Purge of Confederate Statues From Capitol’s Statuary Hall, But Lacks the Power to Remove Them
by Causes
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  • Myra
    Voted No

    Erase history? History is a reminder to all of us. Maybe people should read and know how far all of us have come. I lost relatives in a concentration camp in Germany. I wonder how many people actually know what happened then or what is was. Seems like there's a lot of criticism about how bad this country is. Look at history. Blacks were selling blacks first. Arabs were selling blacks before any of them made it to America. Let's just stop with how awful it is here. I'll help all of you..including Nancy..pack to relocate to somewhere better. People want a special day on the thirteen? Have it. It won't change the way people think. I, personally, don't need a day to remind me how people should be treated. There is a certain amount of respect that everyone is entitled to. People either know that or they don't. A designated day will never change that.


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