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Trump Threatens ‘Protesters, Anarchists, Agitators, Looters or Lowlifes’ Ahead of Tulsa Rally
by Causes
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  • Hector
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    I'm already extremely angry like any American should feel because Trump lost all trust by the people of America over and over again. He should've been impeached long ago, it makes no sense except the reason it can't happen which is the Senate and supreme court are phony morons who couldn't do anything right unless you paid them more than the rich who will do almost every single last thing against the people. They can't win everything obviously so they change their plans in greater hatred against the people. They have our departments of government torn apart and drag America into a nearly unpayable debt. After our death yes by then the debt should be repaid unless of course the Earth is dead before that. So the priorities of America are to defeat the fascism destroying our constitution by a coup de tat by the Republican party whose goal has always been to rewrite the Constitution to be of the rich for the rich and by the rich, war on global warming, a new system or government over capitalism and being a leader once again helping all Americans, protecting the environment and the world. I know that's the old mission statement of the NSA but since Trump they've rewritten many times. This winter they changed it to protect the rich to get to outer space. Know this, since you're just man bound to man's fait, get to know the Bible. Stop being afraid and listen to a man just once who says I asked and received what I asked many times by asking Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God. God has been there for me and I've gone through deep trial and tribulation. I've surrendered. In my deepest woes I asked God for a superpower so I could get my family back. Now I have altered smell. Very good, very good for helping others and very sad to see the poison in your lives that you don't even realize. It's called toxic. It's all over and it hurts with well over a dozen diseases with Crystal meth in the mix. I just wish y'all weren't so lame to go against Bernie Sanders. The rigging the elections Republicans are going to fight harder than ever to win because they know if they lose, they'll never win again. The Republicans are Nazi. Investigate! Protest! Strike! It's almost too late. It's be only anarchy and chaos if we don't act now. We the people have power!

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