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The End of Slavery: Should the U.S. Formally Celebrate Juneteenth?
by Causes
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  • Inger
    Voted No

    This is absurd. Let chaos and all that comes with it, reign! I don’t recall any specific white holidays or months. I cannot even watch the news without feeling angry. I’m sick of the drama all these pot-stirrers have created. They are trying to erase the past with all the statues and pictures taken down. The corporations changing names and iconic figures (Aunt Jemima is rolling over in her grave); the sports figures who are too chicken-shit to let their real feelings be known and take back previous statements because they can’t deal with the backlash. Heck, that’s true for every American. This group has somehow managed to shut the world up because they are all afraid of the consequences. We are being bullied by these mainstream libtards and I’m sick to death of it. I don’t even think this is not about black or white anymore. I’m all for justice and EQUAL treatment go all. That is why this is so ridiculous. Anyone tired of one-sidedness needs to take a long hard look at what’s happening now. This has turned into a generational, political game that I refuse to play. I suggest you do the same before you don’t recognize the country you live on.


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