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Human Rights in Bahrain – What’s the Current Outlook?
by We Hold These Truths
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  • Karen
    Voted Sad

    How many of you moderate republicans who cannot stand Trump or can see through the deceptions and know he is dangerous for our country? Let trust democrats to move us forward and reclaim in time what the republican party used to stand for but it will not happen ever again if Trump is re-elected, and senate must be flipped to blue to stop old cog in wheel to progress Moscow Mitch! Now is the time to start new, banding together for the people-we can say no! We can say you are not making a dictatorship out of our country- go live elsewhere if power/money is your god instead of a divine being of good/love, good people, or something that most sane people believe in! I think the republican party leadership has taken a very wrong tern somewhere that has them backing up in time- that’s where fear, self serving, criminal behaviors live and secrets of course live. Many republicans are extremely disappointed with your representation or lack there of past ideals and more moderate positions, they did not refuse to discuss/work together with dems to find a compromise but a solution/ or refuse to even allow senate to vote on house passed legislation that would really help citizens in this time of crisis


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