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Supreme Court Rules Trump Admin Improperly Tried to End DACA, Lets Protections for ‘Dreamers’ Stand
by Causes
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  • Anthony
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    You have to agree its common sense. Obama used an executive order to give congress time to come up with a legal fair solution. There is no time limit on when to come up with a solution . Trump argued Obama's executive order was illegal yet his executive order to suspend Obama's is legal. The next issue is it would be a human rights violation to try to gather up 650 000 people whose only home they know is the united stares. Where would you put them how would you gather them up and where would you send them . Trump is on record as saying he will remove all things Obama and gave China a thumbs up on creating consintration camps to gather up Muslims in China and I guess hold them there until they figure what to do with them . Trumps only reason for this executive order is part of his plan to remove all things Obama and make no mistake it is racially motivated. These kids need our help and we need there help . All kids are our future without them we have no future .

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