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The DC: Supreme Court blocks Trump from ending DACA, and... đź“… Should we formally celebrate Juneteenth?
by Causes
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  • Amaya

    If we can celebrate American Independence Day on July 4th, we need to be celebrating Juneteeth the same way. Especially because Independence Day is about WHITE AMERICANS’ FREEDOM from English rule. Every other person of color remained oppressed that day; whether it was a black person living on a plantation, or a native person living on a reservation after having been kicked out of their original home by white settlers...And since the government REFUSES to give us any kind of reparations, it is the LEAST you could do for us to say you’re sorry. This country has waited entirely too long to start making real steps towards repaying black Americans for all of the wrongs done against us. But, it is better late than never, so let’s get to it.

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