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The DC: 📕 Trump administration sues to block publication of John Bolton’s book, and... Do you support or oppose the GOP's JUSTICE Act?
by Causes
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  • Lance

    Strongly oppose! The book has been vetted by the appropriate government agencies. It gets published. Did Despicable Donnie really think being President meant his life and secrets wouldn’t come out? Nope, not now especially as we fall deeper into the health crisis, social unrest and now probably going from a powerful nation to the butt of jokes and disgrace. In the Asian culture someone would have already fallen on a sword. And now, a new issue is emerging that isn’t so new - Suicide Society. Those deaths need to be counted along with COVID-19. People that never considered that out are now looking at it. And it is coming out now that up to 49% of the homeowners are considering selling their homes and a group of homeowners just walking away. The economic fallout goes far beyond the GDP or retail - it goes much deeper and will take longer to recover. My kids have a dim future in the achieving what’s left of the American Dream; it’s become a Horror Show looking back to November, 2016. Just like everything else Donnie puts his finger in, it’s a house of cards and a David Copperfield magic act - disappears as quickly as it appears. Incredible that over 10 years of gains are erased due to 1 person denying the single issue of the reality of a crisis and now we lay under the deck of cards that once was the USA. I’m sorry, what was the question again?

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