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Trump Administration Proposes Rolling Back Legal Protections for Facebook, Twitter - Do You Support the Rollback?
by Causes
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  • jimK
    Voted No

    I for one, am growing extremely tired of the awesome power of our government being misused to support the trump’s vendettas. What a waste! If the trump would have spent even a hundredth of the effort dedicated to getting even with anyone and everyone that even appears to be critical of him or daring to question him, even just ONCE PER CENT of his efforts dedicated to ‘getting even’- on dealing with the pandemic we would have not exceeded 120,000 Covid-19 deaths today (the Johns Hopkins State death tolls plus the death tolls of the military, VA, Navajo Nation, federal prisons, US protectorates and US territories) due to out-of-control community spread. In fact, if he had just allowed our experts to do their jobs without any of his asinine interference, our total Covid-19 death toll would have been less than a few thousand (consistent with the moderately effective controls of even lessor than peer nations). How can any responsible human being accept the resources expended on ‘getting even’ by a leader who could not be bothered to let responsible career civil servants responsibly manage our country’s response because he was jealous of the TV coverage they were getting. In summary, this pee-hole of a man, the trump, must stop trampling on our legal system for his personal benefit- and the pee-holes that enable the trump-Barr Inc. Obfuscation Machine’s undermining our legal system must be punished.

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