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President Trump Signs Executive Order to Increase De-Escalation Training for Police, Ban Chokeholds In Most Instances
by Causes
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  • J.Maurice
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    This all stems from the President of the United States Trump who gave a green light and thinks it’s OK for an officer to rough up the suspect who thinks it’s OK for an officer who thinks his life is in danger to use the chokehold after let Alone to stand on a suspects neck or on your back or to sit on their back or near to hurt or to even put your foot in their head or body part is entirely wrong, thus after passing reform Nation wake up Rizer March on the White House march on D.C White House don’t allow this to end an the conversation all legislators and lawmakers be doing do not let this end do not let this end we shall overcome everyone matters black lives matter the most over 60 years or 70+ years decades upon decades, Think about it how long has Hitler so-called killings of Jews and what not so put America historically be on what Hitler has done and way worse much harsher much penis of a crime, and we’re still not on the level of humanity or unity we are on a diet and this president has divided our country and his three-year term there is something wrong seriously and majorly wrong. !!!!!! ‪For far far too long decades upon decades 60 years of this racism and hate organization is gaining traction due to President Trump and him giving the greenlight for officers to the Raford Inn suspect in custody can you believe it is in danger Do you such force and such is a great danger as,Hitler has done way worse and historically America has done it for decades compare that to Hitler that is going on‬


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