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Trump Administration Sues to Block Publication of John Bolton’s Book – Do You Support the Lawsuit?
by Causes
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  • Robert
    Voted Support

    It is just politics. Bolton's ego is probably bruised from being fired. The deep state hates Trump and is will to sink the ship to get rid of him. Do you think that sleepy Joe or crooked Hillary would have looked out for the common deplorable people, you know, "the one's who cling to their Bibles and guns". I do like all the accomplishments that Trump has made, even against stiff resistance. Folks be alert, Globalist and big money will destroy our freedoms and country, they are the puppet masters that can and do influence our hungry for money and power crooked politicians. Now that the Democratic Party has been taken over by hard left Marxist socialist, I for one have little choice but to vote Republican, against the Democratic Marxist Party.


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